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Taif University is proud to host the Saudi Society for Dental Technology

This is due to its belief in the importance of developing and serving this vital specialty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .. This association is the first association in the Kingdom specialized in dental technology in all its scientific and professional fields .. The Saudi Society for Dental Technology was established on 6/11/1441 AH after the approval of the Minister of Education on The decision of the Taif University Council in its fifth meeting held on Tuesday 5/26/1441 AH based on the proposal to establish the association issued by the Scientific Council of Taif University, in accordance with the general framework of the basic regulations of the scientific societies in the Kingdom .. The Saudi Society for Dental Technology is considered an administrative and financially independent scientific association And its work is supervised by the management of scientific societies at Taif University .. And the main headquarters of the association is Taif University in the city of Taif.

idea of establishing a Saudi scientific association at Taif University,

The idea of ​​establishing a Saudi scientific association at Taif University stemmed from the specialization and development of dental technology according to a number of justifications, which can be presented as follows:

Contributing to the realization of the Kingdom's vision 2030 regarding the development of education in the field of dental technology in accordance with the National Transformation Program, in an effort to develop healthy dental outcomes in the Kingdom and improve their performance.
Forming a scientific network and a house of expertise of specialists in Saudi universities and various governmental and private sectors, and investing their scientific and professional expertise in the fields of the association's specialization.
The lack of associations or a clear reference for specialists and those interested in the field of dental technology in the Kingdom aimed at the continuous development and improvement of the practical and professional outputs, so the establishment of the association was aimed at trying to fill the deficiency in this aspect.
The multiplicity and complexity of problems facing specialists and those interested in the field of dental technology, which requires concerted efforts and utilization of expertise within a specialized scientific association of legal capacity, which serves as a scientific and professional reference in everything related to dental technology sciences.
Creating a reference entity that represents dental technology specialization in local and international cooperation with leading associations in the fields of specialization to benefit from local and international partnerships with prestigious experience.

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