The organization's goals

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some of the most important goals of the association

Raising the level of performance in the fields of the association’s specialization by developing scientific thought, providing consultations, carrying out the necessary studies, and holding seminars and scientific conferences.
Contributing to the scientific progress movement in the fields of the association's specialization by creating an environment that stimulates creativity for the members of the association through the establishment of a national research center for researchers specializing in the fields of the association.
Facilitating the exchange of scientific production and scientific ideas in the field of the Society's interests between institutions and bodies inside and outside the Kingdom by issuing a scientific refereed journal to publish research and studies in the field of biomaterial sciences and dental technology.

Among its goals as well

Participating with academic institutions in developing academic programs for postgraduate studies that are recognized locally and internationally.
Developing standards for practicing the profession in the specialty of dental technology and developing its performance in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
Developing the skills of health practitioners and raising their efficiency through training and continuous development through the establishment and activation of accredited training centers throughout the Kingdom.
Raising health awareness among the public in the areas of specialization of the association

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مجمع الأمير سلطان الطبي بالحوية، مدينة الطائف، المملكة العربية السعودية، ص.ب 888 الرمز البريدي 21974